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F1 News headlines - Thursday 17 April 2014
1h ago - "F1 drivers won't strike over pay issues". See also: Maldonado, Magnussen, Red Bull, Raikkonen, Vettel... all the main F1 news of the day....
Video: Rosberg previews the Chinese GP
1h ago - ...
Ricciardo has 'moved on'
1h ago - Daniel Ricciardo hadn't been counting on having his second place in the Australian GP reinstated on appeal and insists he has "moved on"......
Red Bull will accept that fuel sensors are correct
1h ago - Red Bull team principal says the outfit must now accept that the fuel flow sensors provided by the FIA and Gill are correct, despite concerns over their accuracy. The Austrian outfit chose to ignore the sensors data in Australia which resulted in Daniel R...
Red Bull will accept sensors' data
2h ago - Red Bull boss Christian Horner says his outfit has no choice but to take Formula 1's fuel sensor readings as gospel from now on - even if it thinks they are wrong...
Magnussen finds F1 pack racing tough
2h ago - Kevin Magnussen says he is finding it difficult to race further down the order in Formula 1, having been a frontrunner during his junior single-seater career...
Poll...Which Ferrari's driver will take the advantage over the other?

Fernando Alonso
Kimi Raikkonen
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Maldonado: penalties will ruin racing
2h ago - Pastor Maldonado fears that Formula 1 drivers could get too scared to battle hard wheel-to-wheel if the FIA continues to hand out penalties for racing incidents...
F1 drivers won't strike over pay issues
2h ago - Formula 1 drivers are in talks to find a collective way to resolve pay disputes with teams, but will not strike over the issue...
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