Best platform for MotoGP 2?

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Best platform for MotoGP 2?



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Best platform for MotoGP 2?

Messagepar crowek » Ven 13 Juil 2018 13:51


PC, Xbox or PS2? I take it that the PS2-version is the worst looking. What I wonder most is which platform has the best "feeling". I've only played on the PC so far but a P4 1,6 Ghz with GF2MX doesn't really cut it, 640x480 and bad quality in general takes away a lot of the fun.
Still, I'm totally hooked but since upgrading my PC to a suiatble standard is going to cost me plenty (and not really worth it for just one game), i'm thinking about buying a console unless the console versions are a lot worse than the PC version. I know that one can play Moto GP 2 through Xbox Live, is that possible with the PS2 online thingy? Xbox Live is not compatible with the PC-servers, right?

Please help

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