Ferrari has had technical veto in F1 since 1998

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Ferrari has had technical veto in F1 since 1998



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Ferrari has had technical veto in F1 since 1998

Messagepar tompitt » Mar 15 Mai 2018 11:59


Perfect marriage between Ferrari and FIA are now shattering. And thanks to their squabble, we've been knowing some facts which we even couldn't dare to dream. One team has had the right to veto any technical rule in the regulations for 11 years. Can you imagine the consequences of this hidden (or known by other teams) agreement? If Ferrari felt that any technical rule was against their "thinking", then they could veto it. How on earth a regulatory body like FIA could grant such a right to one team solely, just because they've participated all F1 organizations? Or is there any other team granted with the same or any other right? I'm lost for words. And now, we are waiting for an outcome to learn who will govern the new era: FIA or Ferrrai?

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