McLaren 675LT vs Ferrari 488 GTB

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McLaren 675LT vs Ferrari 488 GTB



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McLaren 675LT vs Ferrari 488 GTB

Messagepar tompitt » Sam 12 Mai 2018 08:31


I meant to post this up after reading Evo this month - times for the two cars to go round Anglesey
McLaren 675LT - 1:12.8
Ferrari 488 GTB - 1:12.8
That must be a bit of a kick in the nuts for McLaren when their track special can't beat the boggo Ferrari!To get a bit of credibility back, the P1 GTR did manage 1:08.7 but since it's millions of pounds and not road legal then it doesn't really help the case. I wonder what the LaF would do there..

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