Issues with Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience wheel

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Issues with Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience wheel



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Issues with Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience wheel

Messagepar tompitt » Mar 8 Mai 2018 12:44


Since August of last year, I have been using a Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience steering wheel in the game. It's been pretty reliable, generally, minus the fact that it can only turn 90 degrees and the in game turns can get a little hairy.But this morning, it's just started acting really weird. Literally from one day to the next, the sensitivity of it has messed up a bit. Without me ever touching the control settings, this morning I loaded up the game and discovered that, when the wheel is in the default, forward facing position, the steering wheel in the game actually turns ever so slightly to the right. In the configuration settings, when you go to the steering configuration, the tiniest bit of the yellow bar is seen, and in order to actually get the game steering wheel in the default position, the real life wheel has to be turned ever so slightly to the left. When the game is actually loaded, it's also much easier to turn to the right, than to the left, but when the game is paused, this is not the case.Has anyone ever had this happen to them? I suspect it may be the age of the wheel; I went without using it for like 5 years, and there's already some issues with it not responding immediately when I hit my turn signals. Still, if there is some way to fix this, that'd be great, as steering wheels are sort of expensive.

Please help.

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