Mercedes Benz E300 Navigation System

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Mercedes Benz E300 Navigation System



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Mercedes Benz E300 Navigation System

Messagepar tompitt » Sam 12 Mai 2018 08:35


The navigation on my CPO Mercedes E300 is horrible. So horrible that I use google maps (which is terrific) through android auto connection via USB. Directions from the dealer to my home would have taken me 12 miles out of the way.I find it slow and cumbersome. The dealer checked all the settings in the native GPS system and all was fine. Called Mercedes Benz USA and she emailed me the appropriate pages in the owner's manual dealing with the system. Anyone having problems like this; or, are all native GPS systems just as bad? Just wondering. Any suggestions beyond connecting android auto? The car's system includes map updates for only 3 years. We could not believe that a car of this quality would include such a poor GPS system.

Please help.

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