Thrustmaster ferrari 458 Italia Xbox/ pc

Thrustmaster ferrari 458 Italia Xbox/ pc



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Thrustmaster ferrari 458 Italia Xbox/ pc

Messagepar crowek » Mar 5 Juin 2018 17:15


I love Euro Truck Simulator and have many hours experience with my Xbox360 Controller, however recently I invested in a Gaming Wheel called "Thrustmaster Ferrari F458 Italia Gaming Wheel".I have setup the options so that it is a wheel, I have Steering Sensitivity as low as possible and Steering Non-Linearity set to as high as possible. I even found and disabled the "auto-center" setting in gameplay settings.
Yet it is really hard to control, it feels like the steering wheel is far too sensitive and if I turn more than 1/3 rotation the steering wheel in the game starts spinning into a full lock meaning I cannot do larger turns without losing control at speed (even 10MPH).
Is there any way I can get this Wheel to work better with ETS2?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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