Renault Clio starting problem - Not the battery any ideas?

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Renault Clio starting problem - Not the battery any ideas?



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Renault Clio starting problem - Not the battery any ideas?

Messagepar crowek » Mer 6 Juin 2018 06:55


I have a Clio 03 and today it just would not start it sounded like the battery was causing it. But this battery is 7 months old and is a good one with a 4yr warranty.So i have a spare battery on charge stuck that one on still nothing, i then put the old battery on and stuck that on to charge and it was mostly fully charged (well 90%).I had the same issue when i changed the battery, 7 months ago. And thought it was the battery and called out the breakdown recovery who got it going and said it was the battery. So put on a new battery (the 4yr warranty one) and it would still not go. So called out breakdown again and this time the guy says when i told its a brand new battery. 'Just jump it and try starting it' And he fiddled with something and it started straight away and the serval time i tried it when he was there. I asked him to show me what he done and the wire if remember was just below the oil dipstick.So am wondering if this is it again but i have had a look and tried a few cables but nothing.I would phone out AA but i don't have home call out (thought i did, just moved to them as the old one was free with a car insurance policy i had).Any ideas?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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