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Posté : Ven 19 Juin 2015 23:37
par PH1
Vettel, un autre titre un jour?

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Posté : Mer 24 Juin 2015 08:57
par HeyJohn
Oui! Avec Ferrari :D Les changements opérés chez les Rouges ont vraiment fait avancer les choses! Pourquoi pas même un titre l'année prochaine ou en tout cas la fin de la domination sans partage de Mercedes! Et toi tu crois à un autre titre de Vettel?

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Posté : Lun 29 Juin 2015 16:57
par PH1
Bonne question :D

Toutes les actions et les outils ont été mis en place! Vettel est un gagnant, l'équipe aussi.
Je pense qu'il va y avoir beaucoup de belles victoires, mais cependant j'ai comme une incertitude..
L'impression qu'il ne faut pas que ça traîne pour gagner, est omniprésente. Mercedes est là et ne lâchera pas sa place comme ça, surtout avec un duo de pilotes "vraiment" en compétition.

Est-ce que le choix d'un pilote prioritaire n'est pas handicapante dans la F1 de 2015 et plus??

Le débat est ouvert

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Posté : Ven 3 Juil 2015 19:54
par NicoT
PH1 a écrit :Est-ce que le choix d'un pilote prioritaire n'est pas handicapante dans la F1 de 2015 et plus??

Tu penses que Vettel est favorisé chez Ferrari par rapport à Raikkonen?

Re: Titre

Posté : Mar 7 Juil 2015 11:09
par PH1
Clairement, le développement se fait autour des préconisations de Vettel, d'ailleurs, Raiko en est pas capable à ma connaissance: quand ça marche c'est normal,quand ça marche pas il faut que ses ingénieurs se mettent au boulot.

Vettel est un meneur, comme Alonso ou Schumi, Ferrari l'a bien compris, et mettre Raiko en face, c'est recopier le duo Schumi-Barichello, le développement se fait autour du meneur, de fait!

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Posté : Lun 30 Avr 2018 14:31
par e5BJ5LR6XN
Men like Lincoln and John Brown who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the cause. Fast forward to 2009. One bar. The Paris Commune had been inspired in part by the existence of the Communist Manifesto. I curious as to what method of exfoliation you use? The only thing that worked out for me is using exfoliating gloves and going.

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Posté : Lun 30 Avr 2018 18:47
par e9Jn6Bg36S
:). Exit ninety your money here in taxis and underweight billions of dollars in refunds still unclaimed. I had to leave the school and look for a job, so it affected me a lot. A small, very old, refrigerator was sufficient enough for all the food we needed.

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Possibly they are guilty of relying too much on the crowd enthusiasm (rather than them getting the crowd going), as when I saw them at taste of chaos 2016 it was a "half of us only know 3 4 songs" kind of crowd, and the performance wasn as good, whereas when I saw them in 2015 with a "at least 3/4 of us know 3/4 songs" type of crowd, it was a really great show..

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Posté : Lun 30 Avr 2018 18:49
par e9Jn6Bg36S
Also keep in mind that troubleshooting becomes instantaneously more difficult because you need a cert on Wireshark to decrypt the traffic. That isn't the norm for Darnold.. Paul's Cathedral in the 1870s, convinced the cathedral's choir to sing a carol each evening during the Christmas period.

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It's people like who are the reason these movies matter. After Joshua dies, the Israelites are supposed to finish clearing out the land of the Canaanites and their idols. I think they should send Big Cat back to Chicago and have him start a Chicago office similar to the New York office.

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Posté : Lun 30 Avr 2018 20:56
par e0HxTv2hAm
If you get a knowledgeable employee, they may examine foot shape, callus formation, and shoe wear pattern. The 2012 General Social Survey (GSS) established that 30.9 % of Millennials prefer to be not identified with any denomination. All Quiet on the Western Front is a story of German soldiers in WW I.

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These recommendations come to great help, and you get to come across trustworthy people who are likely to help you avail such inflatable castles.. Well, he is doing it again with this issue. 50/50 doesn mean you both have to equally agree on something.

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There weren't many personal experiences but the ones I found helped! I would like to share my own story in hopes that it provides a bit of comfort for somebody else who has had a reaction from their iron infusion.. Written. All this from a company that began making flashlights and light bulbs in 1949 and entered the toy market in the 50s and 60s.

This is fine if you have good teeth and only go for a check up twice a year, but say you need a couple of crowns and a root canal, after you and the insurers have each paid out $1500 you could still be looking at another thousand or more.. Don't know that your part owner of the Charlotte Bobcats and this job so all the art show hornets have.

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par e0HxTv2hAm
The 1974 Gremlin looks like something you might see cruising the streets in the background of horror movie from the Saturday Shocker. However, if you are still sick after two weeks, then you may be suffering from a more serious infection such as pneumonia, strep throat, bronchitis, and sinusitis.

But I simply don and while the Wii U upcoming software line up is fading away, a flush of great Switch games are coming in. I hope someday many cars come with it so bumper to bumper traffic becomes less of a nuisance.. I see this game similar to the 2 0 of Hoffenheim against Hamburg..

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There are no bad heroes, only bad comps and poor decisions. Paddy's Day, which is just a couple of days away! If a person has children I'm sure they would enjoy having this dish and might even learn to like eggs as a result.. To find out!. Common monsters to choose from include tanya (wind buttbuttin), Isabelle (dark butbbuttin) I have heard of but not seen people also use a more speedy trevor (fire neostone fighter) or Karl (dark neostone fighter).

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I never used logs before and in general found them nearly impossible to interpret which I guess is why I don think about them, however I will take a look, so thank you for that suggestion. In extreme cases, unkind, uncaring people may look down on those with this visible skin condition assuming they are unhygienic or unhealthy.

Coming into this American Race she was obviously the biggest story going. Had a 25 year sgt police officer, been on hundreds of cardiac arrests, withold cpr because he thought she was breathing.. It still plays such a major part in my life today. Two and a half points separate Hubbell and Donohue from Madison Chock and Evan Bates, who are in seventh.

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